Any resource that a company owns or manages is considered an asset in accounting. Anything that could be sold for money qualifies.

What are Assets in Accounting?



Your possessions are your assets if you can sell them for money. We can determine the equity value by examining a balance sheet's assets and liabilities.

What are Assets in Accounting?

Long-lasting assets include plants, equipment, and structures. Depreciation is the expense of a fixed asset losing value.

Asset Classification (Fixed Assets)

Financial assets include other institutions' assets and securities. Financial assets include stocks, bonds, preferred stock, and hybrid instruments.

Asset Classification (Financial Assets)

There are precious items that are intangible that you cannot touch or see. This includes copyrights, goodwill, patents, and trademarks.

Asset Classification (Intangible Assets)

A individual, corporation, or country manages an asset with the belief it will produce future advantages. Assets are acquired or created to increase a company's value.

A Balance Sheet's Assets

Success requires money, land, industrial equipment, and cutting-edge technology. People are a company's most precious asset in today's knowledge-based economy.

Why are workers a company's asset?

Your net worth is your assets minus your debts. Your home is most valuable, but investments, automobiles, collectibles,  are also valued. Net worth is your assets less your liabilities.

Net worth